Reviewed 8 Jun 2018

Another wonderful experience at wheeler River! The fish were plentiful and the Beautiful scenery was boundless- our hosts, Kevin Cheryl and Quin were extraordinarily so thanks again for a very memora… Mehr

Thank you for loving this little piece of paradise as we do.

“The pike bite hard”

Reviewed 7 Jun 2018

This is my 6th almost yearly trip to this great fishing lodge. Living as I do in in Hawaii and because travel from there is a three day event I need to make sure I go to worthwhile places. And, I am… Mehr

Thank you for your rave review!! It would be wonderful to meet your wife and grands!! Already looking forward to next year!!

“Can't wait to go back!”

Reviewed 5 Jun 2018

It doesn't get any better than Wheeler River Lodge! Great fishing, great eating, great people! WRL is the perfect place for family and friends to get together and bond.

Thanks, Ryan! It was great to have you back up here. Hope to see you back sooner rather than later!! Control + F.


Reviewed 29 Jul 2017

What an unbelievable get away! It took more effort to figure out which day of the week it was, than to drop a jig and pull out a tasty walleye! First class resort , great couple, Kevin and Cheryl . Bi… Mehr

Thanks so much for your kind words, Myron. Makes us homesick for our northern home. WRL really is a retreat like no other.

“It was totally awesome!”

Reviewed 11 Jul 2017

Kevin and Cheryl ard the most genuine people I had ever met in my life. They catered to us every day, cleaned our fish and even cooked it for us. The scenery every day was breathtaking. I just retu… Mehr

Bev, we are so pleased to hear that the peace and quiet WRL has to offer was medicine to your soul. We all need that in this crazy world we live in!! Look forward to your next visit. Until then,...

“This is such a fantastic place!”

Reviewed 2 Jul 2017

This is the best adventure. Seeing bears in the wild, the great fishing, the shore lunch cooked with the walleye we just caught... so good. The owners/guide Kevin & Cheryl are wonderful and want… Mehr

We are thrilled you are already planning your next trip back! You've become part of the WRL family!

“Best fishing ever❤️”

Reviewed 27 Jun 2017

Not new to he area. Been fishing in and around Wheeler for 30 plus years. I enjoy this place, the people and the accommodations. The Rosswells cover anything you need. Fantastic walleyes and 40-47 inc… Mehr

It's pretty easy to enjoy this quiet, pristine area. Your group is always fun to have around. See you next year!!

“A Perfect and Unforgettable Holiday!”

Reviewed 26 Jun 2017

What was perfect? What were my favourite things? 1) the fishing! I'm a complete novice at this but managed to catch fish pretty consistently - and some decent ones too! Loved trying various loca… Mehr

Thank you, thank you, for the raving review! Your enthusiasm was contagious and we hope to see you back in camp sooner rather than later!!


Reviewed 26 Jun 2017

We loved out visit to Wheeler River Lodge. We had never been to any place that remote and the experience was wonderful. The fishing, scenery, and quietness was lovely. Kevin and Cheryl helped us a l… Mehr

Thank you for your positive review. We enjoy helping out when we can and appreciated the laughter we shared!!

“Bucket list”

Reviewed 25 Jun 2017

I have had a fly-in fishing trip on my bucket list for a long time, and was thrilled to have the opportunity to visit Wheeler River Lodge. The lodge is remote, quiet, comfortable and, most importantly… Mehr

It was so much fun to share the area with your group and we look forward to your next visit!! Your hook is still holding fast in the bathroom!! Cheers!!

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